Packing Tips

Here's a few tips to make your packing process a little less cumbersome and more efficient.


It's best to take precious items yourself - things such as jewellery, financial or legal papers, photos, coins etc.


Label all boxes with the room the items belong in. Highlight boxes that contain fragile items. Write your name and mobile phone number on each box.

Weed out the Old

Why not take the opportunity, before packing, to sort out any possessions that you want to dispose of?


Mark boxes containing essential items "OPEN FIRST". Pack books and heavier items in smaller boxes (Carton "B") to avoid injury when lifting.
General rules
  • Pack one room at a time. If you run out of items to pack in a particular room, fill in the box with paper or bubblewrap to secure items in the box. This will prevent the box collapsing if something is placed on top of it.
  • It is easier to pack on a tabletop.
  • Always use specialist wrapping paper or bubblewrap for fragile items. Newspaper may stain or damage your valuables. Tape the bottom of each box prior to filling, then pad the bottom with linen, paper or bubble wrap.
  • Remember, everything you pack will need unpacking So the more organised you are at packing, the easier the unpacking will be!
  • When packing any type of machinery, video, DVD players etc, avoid shredded paper as it may get inside the workings.
  • Label small items wrapped in plain paper to avoid them being thrown away with the wrapping paper.
  • Wrap fine china, crystal or glassware individually.
  • Stand plates on edge, not flat.
  • Lay books flat in the box. This will reduce stress on the binding. Pack in small boxes.
  • Hanging clothes can be hung in special wardrobe boxes - this will save creasing.
  • Turn outside furniture upside down to drain all water.
  • If available, pack small appliances, computers etc in their original boxes.
  • Strengthen the glass of mirrors and/or glass framed pictures by placing "X"s across them with masking tape, then wrap them in bubblewrap and pack in a flattened box.
  • Once you finish packing the entire room, stack all boxes against the wall, out of the path of foot traffic. This makes moving safer and more efficient.
  • Bubblewrap, packing paper, large and small boxes, archive boxes, wardrobe boxes and tape are all available from Admiral. Or if you wish, we could even do all the packing for you!

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